Company Strength

Lalita Logistics is having strong network in India with own branches and franchises in some other major cities. We are very strong in Road and Rail movements to ship different commodities throughout India. The Company transports a wide variety of commodities for its over than 175 customers all over India, including automobiles, construction aggregates, iron and steel products, chemicals, fertilizers, scrap metals, plastic resins, cement, coal, Papers, processed foods, food fats, Marbles and Granites etc.,

Lalita Logistics is working with excellent manpower in all areas to cover from Loading point to delivery point of customers cargo. We are tracking your cargo by 24×7. We have appointed well experienced staff in operations which involves truck drivers, CONCOR yard staff and other activities like handling of material after loading and unloading of cargo by 24×7. We will provide CONCOR containers at any time in customer loading points.

Lalita Logistics is providing express services based on requirement and urgency. We are always providing dedicated services to our customers. We are experts in handling of bulk cargo movements. Based on customer requirement we will provide dedicated rail racks for bulk cargo movements.

Lalita Logistics is well experienced in cargo movement of Granites, Marbles, Tiles and other sanitary items. We have experts in handling of material where movement is conducted without any damage and loss to cargo. We have allotted specialized staff which looks after every consignment to measure its safety and security of cargo. We make sure movement is conduct smooth and fine.